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We're Obsessed With Helping As Many People As Possible
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The Process of Buying or Selling a Home Doesn't Have to Be So Stressful.

My name is Chris Cassidy, and I have been a full time REALTOR since 1995. I've sold a lot of homes, but more importantly, I've learned a few things in that time.

I've learned that, just like any other business, there are good real estate agents, and bad ones. I've seen great agents create an incredible experience for their clients, saving them time, aggravation, stress, and money.

Unfortunately, I've also seen bad agents cost their clients money, and add unnecessary stress to the process, by not being professional and not being skilled, and I've even seen them put their own needs ahead of the needs of their clients. I decided a long time ago that I never wanted to be that kind of agent.

For consumers, real estate agents are often looked at as commodities - interchangeable, really. However, that is FAR from the reality. You might think, if you're a seller, how hard is it to list and sell a home when the market is hot? If you're a buyer, how hard is it for an agent to open the door and show you a house?

If only it were that simple.

Choosing the right agent to help you to buy or sell a home is critical. Don't assume that all agents are the same. The level of skill can vary wildly. Some agents tout their experience, but 20 years of experience doesn't count for much if you spend that 20 years doing something poorly, over and over again. Or only selling the industry average of 4-5 homes per year each year for those 20 years. You'd be better of with an agent with 5 years experience who sells 20 homes per year skillfully.

The reality is this - 80% of the business is dominated by 20% of the agents. These are the agents who are highly skilled, who can negotiate the best deal for their client while managing the more than 100 individual variables that go into a typical real estate transaction. They are the ones who devote a lot of time and money to self improvement, who invest a lot of their own money into the best technology, and who are always learning and sharpening their skills. And most of all, who have a demonstrable track record of success in this business, success being defined as getting their clients what is important to them.

This isn't just my job. This is my business. And honestly, it's an obsession (in a good way). So I've made it my mission to be the best agent that I can possibly be - by continually learning, by always sharpening my skills, and by doing my best to provide the best experience possible for my clients, always putting their needs first. They deserve it.

If you take nothing else away from this, at least know this - it REALLY matters who you use to help you buy or sell a home.

Cassidy Real Estate Partners, Inc is a team of dedicated professionals, proudly affiliated with Keller Williams Realty.

Keller Williams Realty is the world's largest real estate company by agent count, with over 190,000 agents worldwide. 

Our team concept allows us to expertly manage the more than 100 individual variables that are a part of every single real estate transaction, ensuring a smoother and relatively stress-free experience for you. So whether you are buying or selling, we hope that you'll consider putting our team of experts to work for you.

Are you thinking about selling your home?

Sellers - our average listing sold for just over 100% of the asking price in 2015-2017, in towns where the average sales price to list price ratio was 98%-99%. In fact, in most cases, even in the hottest towns where the sale price to list price ratio is 100%-102%, our listings typically sell for 1%-2% above the town's average. Your home will most likely sell for more when you list it with us, which means more money in your pocket at closing. And isn't that what really matters when you're selling a home?

As our average sale price for our listings in 2017 was $450,000.00, that means our Seller Clients netted on average between $4,500.00 and $9,000.00 more at closing on the sale of their home than they would have if they had listed with one of our competitors. In 2018, those numbers - so far - are even higher. Your home is your largest investment and your equity means everything - don't risk it by working with an agent who isn't 110% on top of their game, with a proven track record.

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Are you thinking about buying a home?

Buyers - our average Buyer Client saved approximately $9,400.00 on the purchase price of their home in 2017, in a red hot seller's market. Perhaps more importantly, dozens of our buyer clients have prevailed in multiple-offer situations in this crazy market, thanks to our innovative approach and our razor-sharp negotiating skills. Bottom line - we are expert negotiators with decades of experience, and that often means the difference between losing out on a home and making it your own. In a highly competitive market like this, is it worth the risk of choosing an agent who isn't among the best (even if they're a friend or a family member), and missing out on your dream home?

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We list and sell homes all over MA and also NH, not just Boston proper.

We list and sell properties in Boston proper as well as north of Boston, including the North Shore and the Merrimack Valley, and Metro West. We are also licensed in New Hampshire and list and sell in many NH towns as well.

Our Market Center is located in beautiful downtown Reading MA, with additional Market Centers in Beverly and Newburyport, as well as Business Centers in Salem and Topsfield. Wherever you are, wherever you need to be, we've got you covered.

We win a lot of awards, too.

For 2017, The Cassidy Real Estate Partners Team received the prestigious Silver Group Gold Medalist sales award with Keller Williams Realty.

For 2016, the Cassidy Real Estate Partners Team received the prestigious Group Gold Medalist sales award with Keller Williams Realty. The Cassidy Real Estate Partners Team was also recognized as the Top Group for the entire Reading Market Center. Additionally, Chris individually received the prestigious Visionary Award, given to the one agent who best utilizes cutting edge technology and the very latest in best practices to take their business to the next level.

Also, a very special congratulations to Team Agent Suzanne Zani-Hyde, who was individually recognized as the 2016 Rookie of the Year for the entire Reading Market Center. Fantastic job Suzanne, it's a pleasure to be in business with you.

For 2015, the Cassidy Real Estate Partners team received the prestigious Double Gold Medalist sales award with Keller Williams Realty. Additionally, Chris was the recipient of the Cultural Icon Award, The MREA Award, and was recognized individually as the Top Producer for the entire Reading Market Center.

Oh... One Last Thing

There's a business concept called the "Big Why". Everyone has a Big Why, although many never truly grasp or embrace it. In a nutshell, it's that thing that gets you out of bed every day and motivates you in whatever you do.

If you watch a lot of shows like Million Dollar Listing LA (or NY) on HGTV you'd probably think that my Big Why would be making money and cashing fat commission checks so I can drive around in the latest, greatest luxury car and count my money in my giant house. If only real life were as glamorous as "Reality TV", right?

Nope... my Big Why is a lot simpler.

My Big Why is my legacy, my desire to leave this world having made sure that my family is taken care of, and that my children inherit a world better than the one I inherited. And specifically, that our daughter Faith, who has Down syndrome, will have what she needs after Daddy and Mama are gone, and that her younger siblings James, Adam and Hope will be able to ensure that she has a great life without having to sacrifice at the expense of their own families. That's a BIG Big Why, and it's why I am obsessed with being the best that I can possibly be in this business. That is what keeps me going, and if I help enough people along the way, it will absolutely happen.

I look forward to helping you next, just as I've helped hundreds of others over the years. Let's get started, shall we?


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